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Conference Theme: “The Collaborative Side of Leadership”

Deadline extended to January 24

In our diverse, dynamic, and hyper-connected world, thoughtful collaboration is increasingly required for effective leadership. For the 2018 McDonough Leadership Conference, we invite you to consider “The Collaborative Side of Leadership.” How can effective leadership both drive and benefit from collaboration, not only with team members, but also across cultures, experiences, generations, industries, and more? We are interested in the power, challenges, limits, and potential of working together across boundaries to achieve goals – whether it is business leaders developing socially responsible and economically profitable global supply chains, political leaders navigating long-term humanitarian crises across international borders, teacher leaders facilitating effective education practices in a constantly evolving technological landscape, or community leaders leveraging a complicated network of public and private institutions and priorities to assure the well-being of their neighbors and their towns. In this spirit of sharing knowledge, best practices, and enriching students’ lives from diverse institutional backgrounds, we invite undergraduate students, staff, and faculty to consider submitting a proposal for possible presentation at the 2018 McDonough Leadership Conference at Marietta College in Ohio.

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